About Us

Set a trend of lithium innovation with a global vision

Four core technological capabilities, turn into the strong backup for customers

R&D Advantages

Fanglin Technology has been ploughing deeply in the field of lithium batteries for 20 years, and has formed its own unique competitive advantages in welding technology, mold design and manufacture, material analysis as well as CAE simulation analysis. By now, we have achieved 102 technical patents, including 20 invention patents and have become a strong and solid backup for customers.

Capability of Advanced Welding Technology Development

Through the accumulation of product development and production experience in years, the company has possessed the technical capacity to develop welding processes that adapt to new products in accordance with customer needs.
  • It possesses welding processing and development capabilities in laser welding, electric resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, high temperature molecular diffusion welding, arc welding and so on.
  • Development and optimization of welding process.
  • Analysis of welding reliability

Capacity of Mold Design and Manufacture

We always keep a foothold in market demands, continue to improve product practicability to meet the various needs of different customers, establish a professional mold design and manufacturing team, and provide one-stop mold design and manufacturing services.
  • Mold design
  • Mold processing

Capability of Material Analysis

We have mastered the core material analysis technology of lithium batteries and will continue its iteration. We have also established a complete material analysis system and improved product safety, stability and service life from the source, ensuring the quality of each product.
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Component analysis
  • Mechanical property analysis
  • Corrosion resistance test analysis

Capability of CAE Simulation Analysis

For the purpose of tackling the increasingly severe technical challenges, we have incorporated prominent talents from both domestic and foreign scientific research teams, mastered the unique CAE simulation analysis technology associated with lithium batteries, accelerated the product design cycle, improved product stability and overall performance, and provided quick and valid solutions for customers.
  • Simulation analysis of liquid-cooling heat dissipation of lithium battery
  • Finite element analysis of material formation